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Rodents are capable of causing so many problems in your home. It is better if you hire a team of professionals to remove rodents from your home. Therefore, you can get in touch with 711 Pest Control Canberra. Our well-trained experts will deliver a top-class and professional pest control service Canberra. Our rodent control Canberra team is extremely reliable and trustworthy when it comes to providing the perfect solution to all your problems. We have been taking care of rodent problems for so many years. Moreover, our team is available all day for the whole year to deliver top-notch service.

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How You Can Stop Rodents From Causing A Mess In Your Home?

  • Fix doorway sweeper on entrances and replace any panels that are damaged.
  • Latex, metal, or a mixture of both can be used to seal holes and cracks on the outside of the house, particularly areas where utilities and pipes enter the house.
  • Food should be stored in sealed packaging, and trash should be disposed of on a routine basis.
  • Maintain good ventilation and dryness in closets, vaults, and crawl spaces.
  • Repair any loose brickwork or weather sealing all over the ground and doors of the basements.
  • Remove all moisture sources, such as pipe leaks and blocked drains, which serve as ideal breeding grounds for rats.

Use Our Top-Quality Rodent and Mouse Control Canberra Services For Pest Free Premises

Rodents are found in both residential and commercial areas. They are quite popular pests in Canberra. These rats are known for causing infections. And also promoting unhygienic conditions. Rodents tend to start living and breeding inside homes. Also, they breed at a faster rate. Hence, it is necessary to control rodents immediately. Or they might cause havoc in a short period. Hence, need a rodent removal and control service in Canberra near you? We can exterminate all types of rodents from your premises. At 711 Pest Control Canberra, we take pride in providing the best rat removal and pest control Canberra services. Our team can be trusted with all types of rodent problems. Hence, getting a rodent-free home is quicker and easier now. You can call us on 02 6105 9069 for further assistance. Our mice exterminator Canberra team will be available all round the clock to take bookings.

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Why is it Hard To Get Rid of Rodent Pests?

  • Firstly, rodents are larger than mice. Hence, this makes them difficult to catch and exterminate.
  • Also, different species of rats have different food preferences. Hence, it can be challenging to install baits.
  • Moreover, rodents are known to be clever. They hid around and escaped very easily.

Hence, Mouse Control services in Canberra should be performed only by professionals. It saves up a lot of time. And also, keeps rodents away for a longer time.

The Importance and Advantages of Getting a Rodent Control Service in Canberra

  • Firstly, rodents and rats come under the pests category for a reason. They can pose a threat to people around them.
  • Rats and rodents chew through wood and insultations. Hence, they end up damaging the structures of the building.
  • Rodents are also buried deep under the ground. This can reduce the stability of the building structures.
  • Moreover, they can cause fire risks around the property. Rodents tend to chew electrical wiring. Therefore, it can cause a fire outburst.
  • Rats will contaminate the food and water in every way possible. They leave behind their droppings, fur and urine.
  • They tend to carry various viruses and contaminants. For example, hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and salmonella.
  • Importantly, they also carry mites, ticks and fleas. Hence, causing your pets and kids at risk

Our Reliable Step By Step Rodent Control Procedure in Canberra

  • Assessment of the situation- Firstly, a rodent inspection team will arrive at your premises. We will identify the type of rodent species. And also analyse the extent of the infestation.
  • Setting baits and traps: Secondly, our mice control Canberra team will install baits and traps. If needed, we will use other rodent control measures as well. These traps are well sanitised. We will place them in all accessible areas. For instance, roofs, attics, voids and subfloors.
  • Eliminate Source Of Problem: We will eliminate all sources of rodent infestation. Like food and water sources, gaps and crevices.
  • Re-inspection and Documentation: Lastly, we will check the premises again and share the report. And will leave behind the necessary baits and traps. This will take care of any new rodent infestation.

Range of Rodent Control Services in Canberra We Offer

  • Norway rats control – Contact our team for effective Norway rat control Canberra. We will apply the best methods to trap them. For example, dead rat removal, roof rat removal and other mice and rat control methods.
  • Brown rat control – Brown rats are very common in homes. Hence, keep them in check. Our team is available for a brown rat exterminator service near you.
  • House mouse control – House mice will contaminate all areas of home. And make them unhygienic to live in. Hence, invest in rodent control for pest free homes.
  • Roof rat control – Are roof rats causing trouble for you? We have the best rat removal methods to deal with them.
  • Black rat control – Black rats are usually bigger in size. But nothing to worry about. Our rodent baiting professionals will deal with them as well.
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Our exclusive rodent control services Canberra are available all around Canberra. We covered the entire area of Canberra like:- GreenwayWeston CreekMitchell and other locations. We try to serve in every location and area possible. For example, schools, homes, offices, hospitals, malls and gardens. Hence, we are just a call away. Get your quick rodent control quotation today.

How Can Our Rodent Control Experts Become Beneficial To You?

  • We are a team of highly skilled technicians. Likewise, the rodent pest control Canberra team is a group of experienced professionals.
  • Our mice exterminator costs are pretty reasonable.
  • Choose our services for fast and effective rodent pest treatments. We can provide same-day rodent control services as well.
  • Our rodent control methods are safe for pets and children. Likewise, they are environmentally safe.
  • Our customer service is available all round the clock. Hence, we will resolve all your queries quickly.
  • Our staff have Certificate III in urban pest management.


During Rodent Treatment professionals start their exclusive services with a thorough inspection of the area. At this stage, rodent exterminators find the access points of rodents at your property and the causes why they of attract your property. Later our professionals use the latest andthe various ways to avoid the recalls of rodents including the setup of baits, and traps, sensors. For better results, we inspect your hard to reach sections of your building. Besides we provide dead rodent removal and sanitization services to give you peace of mind. In addition, for complete satisfaction our team takes follow-up!

Yes, rodent droppings and urine are harmful to human beings as they carry viruses, and bacteria and spread various diseases. One of the most common rodent droppings diseases is a respiratory disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. In addition, their droppings and urine attract other unwanted guests such as roaches, flies, ants, and many more.

The cost of rodent removal depends on numerous factors such as infestation type, severity, and many others. But the Pest Control Canberra team assists you with high-class services at budget-friendly rates as per your need. Get customized rodent removal in a non-toxic, eco-friendly way. In addition, our exterminator follows all the guidelines of a pandemic. And provide sanitize service as complementary!

The ability to reproduce is very good in mice. At the age of 4 to 6 weeks, these small animals become sexually mature. One mother mouse could give birth to 5 to 6 young within the brief gestation period of about 3 weeks. Mice have excellent reproductive abilities because they mature quickly.

Finding out how the rodents entered your home is the first step in figuring out how to get rid of them. You can get rid of rodents by calling a professional or utilizing do-it-yourself techniques. Professionals possess a thorough knowledge of the baits and traps. They have accurate knowledge of fumigation. The three types of mouse traps that are most frequently used are snap, sticky, and electric. When getting rid of mice, experienced rodent exterminators combine bait stations and traps.

A mouse typically lives for five or six months on average. They can live for around two years under optimum circumstances. A regular supply of food without significant competition from other rodents or predators, as well as a moderate environment, are ideal for mice. They can go for months without drinking water if they acquire the necessary hydration from their diet or by sucking the condensation on sink pipes.

The disease can be transmitted by mice and rats through their saliva, excrement, or urine. Potential bacterial or viral infections are largely to blame for the hazards associated with mouse bites. Some people may get allergic reactions as a result of mouse bites.