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Irritated with flies all around? Want to get rid of them completely? Hire the certified flies controllers in Canberra- 711 Pest Control Canberra.  We are well equipped with a highly skilled team and the latest technology to get rid of flies. All our flies treatments are eco-friendly and effective. Our Flies Control Canberra team is available to render you service on the same day of booking. So get our quick and professional flies pest inspection service in Canberra easily on one call – 02 6105 9069. We are just a call away. 

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Reasons Why There Are So Many House Flies In Your Home?

  • You do not concentrate on them just because of their short lifespan. But there are cases when these house flies breed fastly and have a good lifespan too. An adult housefly lat 150 eggs at one time.
  • Flies can easily survive in warmer places. So, if your home is warm enough then they can happily stay and breed there.
  • You might not do enough things to control flies. Ongoing prevention is important to keep the flies away.

Let Our Canberra Fly Control Experts Take Care Of Your Pest Issues

We established Pest Control Canberra for the purpose of giving back our clients the peace that pests took from them. Besides this, we also strive hard to carry out the best flies control Canberra services as it is what you deserve on hiring us. By focusing on the individuals’ problem with flies and their infestations, we get rid of all kinds of flies Prevention in an eco-friendly approach. We promise to respond to all your queries with flies pest control Canberra services from wherever you call us Canberra wide.

In fact, our experts take time to understand the client’s priorities and follow through with their budget to provide flies control services. There are also kids and pets around in addition to the environment for us to focus on. So, we always opt for environmentally friendly approaches to get rid of flies. Henceforth, call us at 02 6105 9069 and hire our professionals.

Our Services

Get Ready To Avail A Wide Range Of In-Your-Budget Flies Control Services In Canberra

We do not compromise with the safest of our Canberra clients. Hence, we avail a number of Flies Control Canberra services as the following:-

  • Common Fruit Flies Removal Service

Common Fruit flies, also known as vinegar flies or pomace flies have a great number of offspring for one generation. The flies you will find around the ripened, spoiled or rotten fruits are common fruit flies. In fact, without professional Canberra fly control services, these flies will contaminate your food too!

  • Flesh Flies Removal Service

Although flesh flies do not bite people, they eat nasty food items. So, to get rid of these flesh flies, we do both internal and external fly treatment. In this flesh fly removal treatment, we conduct an inspection and develop a plan according to the pest infestation severity. So, be free to book a slot with us any time of the day!

  • Houseflies Removal Service

The cause for house flies entering your home is all because of pet feces, garbage bins, filth and spoilt food. However, sometimes, flies also enter your place via unsealed cracks, ripped screens and gaps in between windows and walls. Therefore, call us to seal away all these entry points of flies.

  • Drain Flies Removal Service

You went to check your newly purchased house and found flies coming out of the sink in your kitchen? Be Alert For Drain Flies! As the house is vacant for longer periods and unattended, these drain flies will come from the sewer pipes into the house. But if you do not opt for Canberra flies control service, they may also come out from toilets!

We Have Permanent Solutions To Get Rid Of Any Type Flies In Canberra Wide

As we aim to give a permanent solution, we do both indoor and outdoor pest control Canberra treatments. However, we proceed to treatment only after inspecting the infested area.

Internal Fly Treatment

  • Indoor fly treatment is easier than outdoor fly treatment as we know where can we find more flies.
  • That being said, we focus mainly on the rooms or areas where flies like to gather the most.
  • We check and confirm the presence of flies in living, dining and kitchen areas for spraying the pesticides.
  • Also, we will seal entry points so that we can keep the flies out of your place.

External Fly Treatment

  • Fo r external fly treatment, our mission is to focus on what is attracting flies to your place.
  • After that, we concentrate to seal away all the entry points of flies and walls connected to dining, kitchen and living spaces.
  • However, for other fly attractions like compost heaps and bins, we cover them off well.
  • In fact, this external treatment for fly control works as a wonder in controlling the fly population.
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    We Are Most Recommended By Our Previous Clients Because Of Various Benefits We Avail

    Besides giving the best Flies Control Canberra services, we are mostly recommended for our other benefits such as:-

  • Organic Solutions: As the name implies, “organic” solutions are safe for yourself and your surrounding environment. By using these solutions for the Canberra fly control service, we will give you a fly-free property.
  • Round The Clock Bookings: We are available round the clock for booking slots 365 days a year. In fact, we take multiple slot bookings too!
  • Local Teams: We have a reason why we focus on recruiting local experts for availing flies pest control Canberra services. Because the experts residing in Canberra know more about flies found in it than the others.
  • Emergency Service: To address different emergencies people of Canberra face with flies, we avail emergency flies control Canberra service. So, book a slot or fill out the form if you are in need of our emergency service.
  • Quick Responses: As mentioned above we are available 24/7, it is not only for bookings but also to clear all the queries you have. Hence, you can get quick responses from our side.
  • Our staff have Certificate III in urban pest management.
  • Avail The Top-Class Flies Control Services Across Canberra

    Even in the sensitive Canberra environment, our pest control Canberra services would be of great help. This works the same for the nearest areas of Canberra like:- BraddonConderTuggeranong, and many more areas. We use state-of-the-art methods and organic fly control solutions. You cannot always follow preventive measures for fly control when you have an alternative option of taking our help. We do fly control services for both outdoors and indoors. So, ping us instantly to avail Canberra flies control service!


    Flies carry a lot of germs when they enter from the outside. These tiny flies become the reason for health issues. Thus hire Pest Control Canberra for professional flies control. Our highly skilled team will ensure that you receive the best possible flies control service. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority whether you appoint us for residential fly control or commercial fly control.

    Professionals have years of experience to deal with the fly infestation. Fly eradicators provide you with effective and guaranteed results. They use the only latest technology for the flies eradication process. Besides, professionals provide amalgamated services under one roof. Are you looking for fly removal treatment? If yes then Pest Control Canberra is an ideal choice.

    YA fly infestation can happen for a variety of reasons. The majority of the time, the causes are related to poor hygiene and sanitation. Food left out in the open, improperly disposed of trash, wetness, feces, and general dirt all contribute to house fly infestations. These circumstances give the flies a place to breed. Because of the rapid population growth, one is left to deal with an infestation.

    They are drawn to simple, high-calorie food sources like rotting flesh, decaying animals, and fruits. Flies have rudimentary digestive systems, thus they simply look for nutrients that are simple to digest. Garbage cans left open, animal carcasses in walls or attics, and manure or pet feces in yards are a few things that attract flies to homes and the areas around them. fruit fermentation on countertops. open alcohol containers and spilled soda, Scum at the bottom and on the drain’s inside walls.

    In ideal circumstances, flies can survive up to two months, although typically they only last 15 to 25 days. Their ability to feed and a healthy temperature are the two factors that will determine how long they live. The ideal temperature for the adult fly’s survival is between 10 and 26 °C.

    The majority of fly species become inactive at night after being active throughout the day. For visual navigation, these types of flies require polarised light. In addition, because it is a little cooler at night, they become sluggish and indolent. During the night, flies rest and sleep on surfaces that are cool, such as walls, twigs, under leaves, tree branches, tree trunks, grasses, under rocks, or even the curtain at home. They ensure that their sleeping location is cool and comfy in addition to protecting them from wind and rain.

    Food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea are some of the most prevalent house fly infections in Canberra. These pests may also spread parasitic worm eggs, which have their own problems. House flies can also transmit Anthrax, Cholera, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, and Typhoid, among other diseases.