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How to Get Rid Of Possums

Worried about possums in your house? Possums can cause a lot of problems for you and your house and so it becomes very important to get rid of the possums from your house. Either you can hire professionals or use home solutions to get rid of them. There are many ways to get rid of possums from your house. Some of the most common ways to get rid of possums are given in this blog. Continue reading thoroughly to know more about how to get rid of possums. 

Here is How to Get Rid Of Possums:

  1. Scaring The Possums- Scaring the possums away is one way to get rid of the possums from your house. There are several methods by which you can scare the possums away. 
  • Use motion lights- Motion lights are one of the best ways to scare away the possums. These lights resemble a predator’s eyes. You must place these lights in the places where the possums visit the most in your house. Although the possums won’t easily run out of your house, it might take 3-4 attempts to get rid of the possums from your house. Make sure to get rid of the possums early to avoid them making their territory in your house.
  • Use Dog And Cat Fur As A Repellent- Possums are generally scared by dogs and cats as they see them as predators. The smell of dogs and cats will scare off the possums and help in getting rid of them. You must collect the pet hair and spread it all over the place where the possums are frequently seen. This is one of the best ways among all how to get rid of possums. Also, make sure you don’t let the cats and dogs roam freely in your garden and home to scare the possums because this idea can backfire and the possums can aggressively fight against your dogs and cats. 
  • Apply Chemical Repellent- Chemical repellents are used to get rid of the possums with the use of chemicals. There are various types of chemical repellents available in the market. Choose the best product. Whether it’s powder or solution, sprinkle it all over the garden and your house and wait for it to work. One of the key elements of a chemical repellent is a predator’s urine which helps to get rid of possums. 
  • Spread A Potent Smell Product- Anything that has a strong smell can be used as a possum repellent. Possums usually hate the smell of ammonia and garlic. In the case of garlic, crush a garlic and spread it all over the neighbourhood wherever the possums are seen frequently and wait for it to smell and run away. 
  1. Trap The Possum- You can set a trap to trap the possum into it. 
  • Add Bait In The Trap- Firstly buy a good quality trap from the market and add a bait inside the trap. You can add veggies or fruits like apples and tomatoes in the trap. 
  • Set The Trap- Once the bait is added, you can place the trap at the perfect position where the possum visits the most. If it’s on the roof make sure to place it in the trap in the centre of the roof and if it is underground place it 3-4 feet away from the entry point. 
  • Relocate The Possum- Once the possum gets caught in the trap, relocate it to a safe place where it can find its natural habitat. You can consult the forestry department about this. This is one of the best ways to get rid of the possum. 
  1. Remove Their Access To Food- Whether it’s a possum or any other pest, it is important to remove their access to food in order to get rid of them. You should clean all the leftovers and cover all the freshly prepared food. When the possum doesn’t find anything to eat it will eventually move out of your house. By this method, you can easily get rid of the possum from your house and garden. 
  1. Maintain Hygiene- Mostly every pest including possums loves unhygienic places. To prevent them or get rid of them you must clean your house regularly and throw the waste daily out of your house. Regular cleaning will also help you in the inspection of the possums. This is a great method to get rid of the possums.

Hire Professional Possum Removal Experts- Keep Family Safe

Getting rid of the possums can be a very difficult job when you do it by yourself. You can remove them by taking help of professional possum removal services. Professionals have the right tools and know the best techniques to get rid of the possums. 
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