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Possums are one of the dangerous pests. They can attack you and are also known for making a lot of weird noises. So to get rid of possums by hiring our specialist possum removal team. We at 711 Pest Control Canberra offer a same-day possum removal service. We are here to solve different types of possum invasion problems. We will be there quickly at your property to remove these harmful creatures. Our Possum Removal Canberra local team has served numerous clients. So, to get our service today, all you have to do is call us on 02 6105 9069.

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Why Choose 711 Pest Control Canberra For Possum Removal?

  • We are a leading and certified possum removal company.
  • All our possum catchers are well-trained, experienced, and licensed.
  • Our possum removal cost is highly affordable.
  • We are available round the clock.
  • Our treatment is modern and safe.
  • Also, we remove dead possums.
  • We give the best results and on-time service in Canberra.

We Offer The Best And Most Reliable Possum Removal Services In Canberra

It is obvious that possums do visible damage to your home across Canberra. Moreover, they are one of the dangerous pests as they carry tuberculosis and can also wipe out the plants nearest to your place. This way, they pose a threat to both your surrounding domain and health. However, you have the support of Pest Control Canberra for grabbing the best possum pest control Canberra services.

Our possum catcher Canberra team is happy to take on all the work when it comes to possum relocation and control. As we understand that more time on waiting will only lead possums to cause more damage to your place, we take 24/7/365 days service bookings. So, if you don’t want to let your family suffer anymore from possum attacks, get in touch with us right away at 02 6105 9069. For further details, call us to expect quick responses!

Our Services:-

Call Us For Both Residential And Commercial Properties Possum Removal Canberra Services At Low Prices 

With our possum catcher Canberra team here, you can always be stress-free to rely on our team for best Possum Removal Canberra services. We avail of our possum pest control Canberra services in all sorts of premises such as residential societies and commercial properties. Hence, we make sure all the experts are knowledgeable and licensed in addition to being experienced at work. Take a look at all the places we cater to in Canberra.

In residential premises, it is common to find possums in the gardens of houses, schools, colleges, dorms, private homes, etc. Moreover, letting dead possums be the same way you find in your nursing home is deadly dangerous. Hence, we look forward to availing our possum control Canberra services in nursing homes. In commercial premises, such as public parks, office buildings, shopping centres, retail stores, hotels, cafes are where possums roam a lot. In addition to this, possums also like to live in factories, warehouses and manufacturing units.

Do You Know Crucial It Is To Remove Dead Possum? We Will Explain!

As possums are covered legally, although they create nuisance or disturbance, you have to stop yourself from killing them. However, possums frequently die because of their sports and must be quickly disposed of at any cost. What will happen if you do not remove the carcass as soon as possible? You may be under threat of getting spotted fever, tularemia, coccidiosis, Chagas diseases, etc. How to find dead possums at home? You can check them on roofs, ceilings and backside of walls.

After confirming the reason for the foul smell coming from your ceilings is possum carcass, you can call our dead possum removal Canberra team for Possum exterminator services as well. In fact, if you do not notice dead possums at your place, you can smell a foul odour for the next 2 months. In addition to this, there will also be a lot of flies around the possum carcass. As removing the dead possum should be handled carefully, we use the safest methods. On top of this, we will also sanitise the whole area and complete the dead possum removal Canberra service.

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Our End To End Possum Removal Process For A Possum-Free Property Mission

Our possum pest control Canberra service process is designed in such a way that it causes no harm to possum safety. It is as the following:-

  • Inspection

To identify what type of possum entered your place and its entry point, we first start to inspect the area. In addition to this, we will also check many other areas such as ceilings, roofs, etc for the trace of possum activities. After that, we make a report on all of our findings from bad to severe damages by possums.

  • Sealing Of Entry Points

After inspecting the area and finding all the entry points of possums, we use a specific kind of material to permanently seal them. Because this way we can directly indicate for possums to not enter your place. In fact, the materials we use for closing possum entryways are metal sheets, mesh or silicon sealer, etc.

  • Install Possum Doors And Restore The Property Safety

Later, we will install the one-way doors that are specialized, because they allow possums to leave but not allow them to enter again. So, once possums leave your place, we will install the one-way doors and permanently seal away all the entry points. By post-inspection of the possum control service, we ensure the safety of your property.

Why Many Residents Of Canberra Choose Us For Possum Removal Services?

If you see the Possum Removal Canberra reviews about services, you will notice most of the Canberra residents chose us.

  • Quick-Slot Booking: In addition to giving the quickest responses to your calls and queries, we take express slot bookings. With us you also have an additional option for booking, that is, filling up the form. 
  • Way Too Easy Charges: We offer the least and easy possum removal Canberra service charges in many Canberra areas. Moreover, we take no travelling charges from our clients! 
  • Canberra Experts: We recruit experienced experts from Canberra itself. Our local experts can reach your location on time and also they are highly knowledgeable about the possums types in Canberra. 
  • Non-Toxic Agents: We have a wide range of non-toxic agents that specifically target a single type of possum species. Also, we have multi-targeting non-toxic agents! 
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection: Apart from availing of the same-day service and emergency service, we specialise in providing pre-purchase inspection. In fact, this service of ours is of great importance for newly purchased houses.
  • Our staff have Certificate III in urban pest management.

In Emergency Need For Possum Removal Canberra Services? Ring Us!

Did you know the gestation period of possums is 18 days? Yes, it is. So, once they breed to produce offspring, they will invade your place as a whole. As a result, you will find joeys (possum babies) everywhere in and around your place. However, you can take this situation under control with our emergency but low possum removal Canberra cost service. We service all suburbs within Canberra:- FisherFranklinCurtin and many more areas. Our experts will remove dangerous possums from your homes without killing them. Therefore, call right now to hire our possum catcher Canberra team of experts!


Once you’ve established that you have possums at your property in Canberra, you may employ some focused treatment strategies to stop them in their tracks and deter others from entering your property. Cut off Entry Points. Your home’s crawl areas, basement, and attics all provide ideal hiding places where they can rest and avoid predators. The most effective technique to keep possums away is to completely fence your property. The quickest approach to get rid of them may also involve trapping.

For all possum services, we adhere to a set procedure. To ensure that the pest is eliminated from your property as comfortably as possible, we collaborate with wildlife organizations. Possum removal starts at $280, which is a reasonable price for our services. We have a group of expert possum trappers in Canberra who can provide you with a thorough solution that reduces the possibility of further possum infestations.

If you plan to try trapping, keep in mind to block off the accessways into your roof and offer possum housing. Possums on your roof might need to be forcibly removed. We have a group of expert possum trappers for this. Thus without worrying or delaying contact Pest Control Canberra.

Possums will consume nearly anything. But because they have adapted to human habitats so well, they can quickly turn into a pest problem. You must employ a certified and experienced possum elimination organization in Canberra if you want the carcass of the pest completely removed from your home permanently.

The safest and only non-toxic option to keep possums off your property is with an electronic deterrent, but there isn’t enough proof to prove how effective these things are. Making a possum leave once it has already developed an interest in your property can be challenging, but with Pest Control Canberra, you can get rid of these annoying pests quickly and for a more extended period.

Whether an opossum is in your yard or inside your house, you shouldn’t kill it. This is not just cruel, many states have made it against the law. For relocation, you must first call professionals to trap the possum. Carefully place traps in the locations you’ve determined the possum uses as a route. Professionals then select a suitable bait that the possum won’t be able to resist. Finally, after a possum has been caught, experts move it. Possum relocation entails safely releasing the animals as far from your property as is feasible.

Possums rarely pose a direct hazard to people. Despite having sharp claws and teeth, possum attacks on people are rare and unlikely. In self-defense, possums may bite. In case they bite any human being then it is advised to visit a doctor for further help as soon as possible!

PWhile searching for food, possums are known to scratch and create noises like hissing and shrieking. You should do a thorough investigation to confirm that possums are the pest you’re dealing with if you’ve also noticed property damage and indications that your trash has been gone through.