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Controlling ants with commercial products is not a permanent solution, to get rid of them, reach out to us. 711 Pest Control Canberra is one of the finest and most reliable ant pest control service providers. Our eco-friendly and effective solution helps in removing the ant infestation completely. Besides, our ant control methods will give you instant and the best results. Ant Control Canberra team believes in delivering a quick and cost-effective pest control service in Canberra. So, get in touch with us today on 02 6105 9069 to make your place ant-free. 

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Hire Us For Same Day Ant Control Service in Canberra.

We understand the urgency of getting rid of these nasty creatures. So we are here to offer our service on the same day you book our service. Our team will be there at your doorstep within a few hours of your call. Our quick service means no compromise on the quality. We will do a quick inspection and will start our treatment thoroughly. Also, we are available in emergencies and on weekends as well. You avail of our service on any day as we work 365 days. hire our ant exterminator services.

We Make You Tension Free Through Our Effective Ant Control Services 

Are you striving for tension-free spider control services? Our Ant control Canberra team provides excellent ant control services. Moreover, our experts sanitize after the spider treatment. Thus, our staff is fully trained for controlling ants. Nevertheless, if you find any infestation, immediately call us. Our ant pest control Canberra team will monitor your house, and eliminate ants from it. We care for your safety and hence use home-friendly solutions during white ant treatment. Red ants are the most dangerous ones. Even removing red ants is a bit difficult. So, for prevention, you must hire our professional ant removalists. Thus, some sources of ants’ infestation are food, especially sweets and unclean floor, etc.

711 Pest Control Canberra is well known for being experienced ant removalists. Our ant control Canberra team will save your property from ants Our staff have Certificate III in urban pest management. We will offer effective treatment at your place. As a result, protect your house from ants colony. So, if you are seeking the best ant pest control Canberra team, you can book us anytime or anywhere. However, you can give us a call at 02 6105 9069.

We Offer Cost-Friendly Pest Control Services and Remove All Kinds of Ants Species 

All types of ants are harmful to human beings. That’s why for different ant problems, hire experts. Regardless, our ants control Canberra team provides affordable service. Even deal in removing all kinds of ants from your place. Thus, some of the ants we remove are listed below: 

  • Odorous Ant removal service: odorous ants are brown or black. Furthermore, odorous ants get attracted to sugary food. Even they produce a foul smell when crushed. Our ant pest control Canberra is best at removing these ants. So, in need of odorous ant removal, contact us. 
  • Pharaoh Ant removal service: Pharaoh Ant is also known as multi-queen, visible throughout the year. Additionally, pharaoh ants are very harmful. Therefore, our experts offer an effective ant removal service. Thus, books us now for Canberra ant control service.
  • Carpenter Ant removal service: carpenter ants are a large pest found in Canberra. However, carpenter ants are very harmful to house belongings. So, for your home safety, contact experts. You may contact us for the Canberra ants removal service. We promise to provide a proficient removal service to you. 
  • Pavement Ant removal service: For eliminating pavement ants, we use non-repellent spray. Nevertheless, all our Ant treatments are eco-friendly. So, if you are looking for pavement ants removal service. You can feel free to contact our ant treatment specialists.

Our Services

Our Specialist Uses Permanent Solutions For Ant Removal Services in Canberra

Our fully licensed and trained experts provide effective service at your place. Moreover, all our ant treatments provide long-lasting results. Additionally, we use high-quality products for ant removal. Some quality processes we do during ants control services are:-

  • Inspection: our Canberra ant removal service began with the inspection. During the inspection, we judge the level of ant infestation. Additionally, our inspection includes a discussion about ant treatment. Thus, we offer inspection as per your comfort. 
  • Ant Treatment: After the ant inspection, we provide effective ant treatment. Furthermore, we use fogging methods for ant removal. Moreover, all our ant treatment is pet-friendly. Thus, eliminate ants from your house permanently. 
  • Other Ant prevention: our specialist can also give suggestions for ant prevention. Additionally, we will recommend effective ant prevention to you. Thus, some of the ant prevention we discuss are-
  • Maintain your garden regularly 
  • Seal up your entry points 
  • Fix nets on house windows
  • Clean your kitchen 
  • Regularly clean your house floor
  • Documentation & follow-ups: our experts provide documentation for ant removal service. Even provide check-ups after ant treatment. During check-ups, we will judge the result of our ant removal service. Thus, for reliable ant treatment, remember us.

What Makes Us Different For Ant Control Services? 

Are you suffering from the ant infestation at your property? Are you looking for a reliable removal service? Well, now you can be tension-free. You can call our experts for ant removal service. We are even the best-rated ant removal company in Canberra. Hence, our specialist can easily address the ant infestation problem. Thus, some of the reasons to hire us are listed below:-

  • Fully licensed and skilled professionals 
  • Pet and home-friendly solutions 
  • Emergency service for ant removal 
  • Available 7 days a week for ant treatment 
  • Customer-friendly ant service 
  • Pocket-friendly and controlled service

Our Experts Are Available For Every Pest and Ant Treatment in Canberra 

Untreated, ant problems can cause serious diseases. Therefore, you need to treat ant infestation immediately. We are the best choice for ant removal service. Moreover, we are available for every type of pest infestation. Our experts not only provide pest treatments in all areas of Canberra like:- FisherFranklinCurtin and many more areas. So, in need, feel free to contact us.


Ants have invaded your living area through various sources So be sure to fill the cracks along the edges of windows and doors. The space between the door and the floor might be spacious enough to ants to pass on through. Ants require shelter, food, and water to survive, just like all other living things. Ants travel outside their colony’s protection in search of food and water. Make things difficult for them! Keep all surfaces clean, floors swept, and food sealed.

The Pest Control Canberra team has a lot of experience to deal with an ant infestation, with safe, and effective products and methods. Our ant exterminator first inspects the area and then uses an appropriate method for ant removal. Our professionals use eatable baits, the correct type of spray for the surfaces to eradicate them. Professionals use a variety of products based on the location and severity of the infestation.

To get rid of ants, our Ant Control Canberra team is the right choice. You can trust our ant exterminator to get the job done right today! We only use the safest pest control techniques considering the wellness of you, your family, and your pets. Our licensed technicians work 24*7, so do not spend restless nights, give us a call today!

If you want to get rid of ants permanently then you can use several precautions including sealing cracks and openings to create a barrier to entry of ants, correcting plumbing leaks that will attract ants, storing food in air-tight containers that attract ants such as sugar syrup, honey and so on, paint and seal exposed wood construction before it becomes wet. Besides this, you can use an essential oil like cinnamon, and peppermint, use detergent, and glass cleaner to remove the scent trails. Boric acid also works wonderfully.

Ant baits will draw ants out of their concealment and assist in bringing them to an end. Sprays for ants are widely available in supermarkets across the country and often come in aerosol cans. These can be used to spray visible ants. Granular Baits will simultaneously attack the nest and defend the house. By absorbing the oils from their bones and drying them out, diatomaceous earth kills ants and other insects. Despite having similar names and being chemical compounds, borax, and boric acid are not the same. Both methods could be just as successful at eliminating ants in the house. Call the professionals if everything else fails.

To put it mildly, ants can make your tidy home less inviting. Many people mistakenly believe that because of their small size, ants can’t do much, yet they can do a lot. The kind of ants in the residence will determine the answer. The common black ant variety does not pose a direct threat to humans. If they can get inside your food, they could still contaminate it. If you have carpenter ants, the wood in your pieces will be damaged. You may have a problem with your hands if you discover red ants inside your home. The kind of ants in question bite. Their bites can cause severe pain, and are highly deadly

Ants communicate with each other by giving off a pheromone trail. Thus it is necessary to clean your premises thoroughly to remove the scent trait, confusing the ants. Maintain cleanliness so that they will not enter and stay at your property for getting livelihoods. Another factor that contributes to ants coming back to the same house repeatedly is excessive wetness. Ants need a water source to exist, and they can even store water in their colonies for later use. As part of your ant control strategy, fix any leaks that are present inside the house.

You might be tempted to purchase some sprays or traps at the first indication of a pest infestation so you can handle the issue on your own. However, you will frequently end up saving time, money, and effort in the long run by working with a pest control expert. To get rid of ants at an inexpensive range call Pest Control Canberra. We give you the service with expertise from experience in many situations of various sorts. Book an appointment with our team for Canberra Ant Control.