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What Sound Does A Possum Make?

Possums are big pests that can be easily located when compared to other pests. Possums might look furry and cute but they are very naughty and can cause a lot of problems such as damaging your property and causing hygiene-related issues. There are several other problems you will face if there are possums in your house.

Possums also make sounds that can be irritating to your ears. They are usually awake during the night time so many times people do not hear their sounds as they are asleep at that time. Possums can take over your place quickly if they are not removed on time. To know in detail about possums and what sound does a possum make, read the blog thoroughly. 

Sound Does A Possum Make

What Are Possums And Their Signs? 

Possums are large pests that can invade your house through pipes and anything that helps them in crawling. Possums can cause a lot of damage to your house. They can bite and also scratch the wooden items in your house. Some of the most common symptoms you will notice when you are having possums in your house are: 

  • Unpleasant Smell- Possums are known for the excretion of wet droppings that are similar to cats which can cause bad odour in the house. This is one of the signs of the presence of possums in your house. 
  • Damage Caused To The Exterior Of Your House- Possums enter the house by climbing which can damage your property. Your house’s rooftop might get ripped if the possums climb through them. 
  • Scratching Noise- What sound does a possum make? If you hear a scratching or thumping noise from your roof, this may be due to the presence of possums in your house. Possums make a lot of noise. 
  • Disappearing Food- Possums love food and mostly pet food so if your pet food is getting disappeared there are chances of the presence of possums in your house. 

How To Keep Possums Out Of Your House?

There are many ways to keep the possums out of your house. Continue reading to know in detail about the ways to keep the possums out. 

  • Clean The Trash Regularly- Cleaning the trash regularly is important. You should also take care of removing all the leftover food from your house to keep the possums away from your house. 
  • Install Solar Lights- Solar lights resemble the glowing eyes of the predator of possums which can scare them when placed in the garden and on the roof. This will make them run away. 
  • Seal All The Cavities In Your Roof- If there are cavities in your roof there are chances that possums enter through them and infest your house so it is important to seal all the entries in your house. 

Sounds Made By Possums 

What sound does a possum make? Possums make many types of sounds and some of the common sounds are given below- 

  • Hissing And Clicking Sounds- In case you hear this type of sound in your house you can look out for baby possums. Baby possums can cause hissing and clicking sounds in order to get attention from their mothers. Mainly you will hear this sound from your roof or any other corner of your house. 
  • Clicking Sounds- This type of sound is mainly heard when there are mother possums present in your house. These sounds are made when the mother possums communicate with their babies. Mother possums also use these sounds when the possums are threatened. And also these sounds are used by possums to attract attention from their mates. This is the most common type of sound made by the possums. 
  • Squeals And Screaming- When the possums are threatened or fighting against each other you can hear squealing and screaming sounds from them. You might and well hear high-pitched squeal sounds in the night. 
  • Growling Sounds- These sounds are mainly heard when the possums are angry and fighting with each other. Possums also produce these sounds when they are threatened by other animals or other possums. 
  • Loud Thumping Noise- What sound does a possum make whenever the possums are present in your roof and ceiling? Loud thumping sounds are noticed when the possums roam around the roofs. 

Hire Professional Pest Controllers- Keep Possums Away

The best way to get rid of possums is by hiring professional pest controllers. They use a mixture of methods that are useful in removing all kinds of pests from your house. You can also use the above given information on what sound does a possum make and others. Professionals can seal the entry points effectively and use nest boxes to get rid of the pests. 

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